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Interview with Alex Tancock of InterContinental Energy

People are no longer asking about IF but WHEN


SEC are pleased to announce the participation of InterContinental Energy as sponsors of the 1st Annual Asia Pacific Hydrogen Summit. Take a look at our sponsor spotlight below, where Managing Director Alex Tancock gives us a preview of what he’ll be sharing with us at the Summit.


SEC: What are your industry expectations for the short/long term?
ALEX TANCOCK: In the short term we expect green hydrogen demand to begin growing rapidly towards the end of this decade, with demand then growing continuously for the foreseeable future. Just as solar and wind power prices became competitive more rapidly than many expected, so we expect green hydrogen powered by such low priced renewables to also become competitive in a faster time frame than many currently expect.

SEC: What do you think needs prioritising for a quicker Hydrogen deployment ?
AT: It feels like hydrogen has reached an inflection point in 2020. People are no longer asking about if, but when. As a result, the full weight of industry and policy makers is now turning towards the plethora of aspects that need to be tackled. It is hard to single out everything that needs to be prioritised, but in terms of supply at least, we have some confidence that the volumes and prices required are deliverable.

SEC: How is your company contributing to the APAC hydrogen economy?
AT: As the largest green hydrogen developer in the APAC region, we are showing the scale of projects that can be developed, which gives confidence to the market that large and affordable supplies will be available. This removes a major uncertainty, and can help underpin longer term and accelerated planning.

“We’re delighted to sponsor the 1st Annual Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Summit, where we will be sharing our experience developing oil and gas scale green hydrogen projects. We look forward to fruitful discussions with potential partners to drive the industry forward.”

Join InterContinental Energy at the Virtual Summit in November and continue the conversation on the future of Hydrogen in the region.

Sustainable Energy Council & the Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Association join forces to organize the 1st Annual Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Summit

Singapore – The Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Association and the Sustainable Energy Council (SEC) have joined forces to organize the 1st Annual Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Summit taking place virtually on 24-26 November 2020.

Article Published on Fuel Cells Works on 20 August 2020 – https://fuelcellsworks.com/news/sustainable-energy-council-and-the-asia-pacific-hydrogen-association-join-forces-to-organize-the-1st-annual-asia-pacific-hydrogen-summit/ 


Sponsored by Intercontinental Energy, The Annual Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Summit is the first regional Summit dedicated to the development of the hydrogen industry in Asia- Pacific. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Summit will be in virtual format enabling participants to access live sessions and network with industry peers wherever they are.

“Following the success of the World Hydrogen Series launch in Amsterdam during March 2020, we are delighted to partner with APAC Hydrogen Association to deliver The First annual Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Summit full of cutting edge insight and collaboration building bespoke to the region” says the Sustainable Energy Council.

“With the tremendous growth expected for the hydrogen industry in Asia-Pacific and the increasing adaption of hydrogen in the energy and transport sector, the establishment of a regional conference to give companies and industry professionals to gain knowledge and to network is very timely. In addition, we are pleased to extend our co-operation with SEC to organize our first joint conference.” says, Edgare Kerkwijk, board member of the Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Association.

For more information about the Summit, visit https://asia-hydrogen-summit.com/

About Asia Wind Energy Association

The Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Association was established in December 2019 and has been set up to be the leading industry association for the hydrogen sector in Asia-Pacific. The association acts as the regional platform for all stakeholders in the hydrogen industry to collectively promote the best interests of the hydrogen sector.

About Sustainable Energy Council (SEC)

The Sustainable Energy Council (SEC) is a world-leading advisory, events and training producer for a cleaner and more sustainable world. SEC has created the Sustainable Energy Series and World Hydrogen Series, with events designed to enable participants to accelerate their respective actions towards their economic and climate sustainability goals.

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